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Crankbrothers' Kronolog Seatpost

The release of the crankbrothers Joplin height-adjustable seatpost five years ago helped solidify the popularity of such posts and encouraged that segment of the market to expand even further. Now after the success of the Joplin, crankbrothers has completely redesigned their post with the new Kronolog model.

The new Kronolog from crankbrothers takes their experience making and selling the Joplin and creates a whole new post with a completely new look. Crankbrothers wanted to stay away from hydraulic posts, which they feel are heavy and problematic, so they built a mechanical post with an air spring. The biggest visible difference between the Kronolog and the Joplin is that the cable actuates the Kronolog from the collar area that gets clamped in the frame instead of from the head of the post, which moves up and down. Now you can route your cables more efficiently and you won't have to worry about rubbing cable on your tire or catching it on something.

Crankbrothers worked hard to design a post that was as simple as possible with a limited number of moving parts – this minimizes any chance for failure. The Kronolog is very strong; it tested at 2.7 times the EN fatigue test for this type of post. The mechanical design allows for very accurate and precise movement that makes it infinitely adjustable. One of the first things we noticed on the post was the flat on the side of the shaft. This acts as a keyway between the quill and the shaft and it substantially improves the rotational stability of the post. Or in layman’s terms: “It’s got no slop.”

Although the Kronolog is mechanical, it feels hydraulic because of the smooth, supple and quiet air spring technology. The return stroke is “man-friendly” – it returns the saddle to its maximum height setting via a two-stage damper. The initial return is quick but then it slows down gently for the last inch of return.


Keep an eye out for crankbrothers-sponsored riders Richie Schley, Jill Kintner, Chris Van Dine and Hans Rey riding on the new Kronolog this season.

Material: aluminum
Post length: 405mm
Weight 465g + 28g (30.9mm + remote*) 477g + 28g (31.6mm + remote*) *weight of cable and housing not included
Adjustment range: 125mm / 5in
Adjustment type: remote w/ standard shift cable in 4mm brake housing
Diameters: 30.9mm & 31.6mm
Standard colors: black & red, black & black
Color kits: clamp and lever color kits available in gold, blue, orange, black, and red (sold separately)
Warranty: 2 years with proper maintenance
Retail: $300

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