Cam Zink | Biggest Backflip | TLD Proto Helmet

Cam Zink | Biggest Backflip | TLD Proto Helmet

In case you missed the RedBull Rampage event this weekend in the desert of Utah. Cam Zink won the best trick, with the worlds largest backflip ever recorded.

Zink rocked a prototype Troy Lee Designs D3 helmet, with an additional EPS layer applied to the exterior of the helmet. Troy has had this idea brewing for a while, but decided to mock something up for Zink, because he knew Zink would be trying something huge.

Strategically placed layers of EPS were applied to the common impact areas that would absorb impact to the head. Thankfully Cam did not fully ‘test’ the helmet in competition, but in our testing before the event it showed dramatic increase in impact absorbtion. We plan on continuing the development of this application to further protect the worlds fastest racers and gnarliest freeriders!

Rampage viewers also got a sneak peak of one our brand new 2014 sprint racewear colorways, with an entirely new pant we have created for MTB racing, BMX and Freeride, the new sprint pant is about half a pound lighter than our previous pant, has been designed specifically for bicycle riding and will be available in Feb 2014-stay posted for a complete launch of the 2014 lineup in Jan of 2014.

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