Fox Voluntary Fork Recall

Fox Voluntary Fork Recall

FOX initiated a voluntary recall on October 22, 2013 of certain model year 2013 Evolution Series forks manufactured between March 1, 2012 and November 30, 2012. This is a reminder that consumers should stop using the recalled product immediately.

FOX has also identified an additional eighteen fork ID codes and one serial number that are part of this voluntary recall. Consumers that have a fork with one of the IDs below may be a part of the recall and should check or re-check their serial number using FOX's recall website or phone number. The consumer with the fork having the serial number listed below is a part of the recall. In either case, cease using the fork and contact FOX immediately.


Additional Serial Number: 415583-0051


Additional ID Codes: CD28, CD2Q, CD3H, CD3J, CD66, CD97, CDLG, CDP6, CDX7, CDX8, CDYL, CFGS, CFQW, CFXT, CH5B, CH6P, CH8R, CHXX


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