2014 Troy Lee Designs Bicycle Collection

2014 Troy Lee Designs Bicycle Collection

Troy and the bicycle crew at Troy Lee Designs have been hard at work not only crafting new designs for the bicycle line, but continuing to improve on the industry leading fit, feel and durability of our apparel, protection and helmets that TLD is known for. There is an incredible amount of momentum for TLD bike right now, with 2013 being our biggest growth year ever. 2014 is already ramping up to be a success with an incredible new line, with a large amount of all new products and improvements to some classics. Below are some highlights for 2014, contact me with any other questions.

  • A new product delivery timeline: We have been on the Moto calendar (late spring releases) since the day we started doing a bicycle collection. For the last couple years, we have been adding more bicycle specific designers; marketing, sales and we have now shifted to releasing TLD Bike earlier in the year for the beginning of the bicycle season. March 3rd TLD Bike is available at dealers and online.
  • We are carrying on with our benchmark products in 2014, like ACE, SKYLINE, RUCKUS, MOTO SHORTS, SUPER RETRO JERSEYS, SPRINT, WOMENS Skyline, Moto, Ace and the addition of a new Hybrid collection called WHEELS.
  • TLD Category Symbol System: To help our customers better gravitate toward choosing the right product for the type of riding they are doing, we have developed some new symbols as a guide. XC (Cross Country) AM (All Mountain), GR (Gravity), WHEELS (Our hybrid collection)

NEW SPRINT (Think Gwin, Semenuk, Fairclough, Brosnan, Zink, etc)

  • SPRINT is our premium race wear and we created an all-new bicycle pant that we developed secretly at events in 2013. Every rider that has tested the pant says they are going back to pants full time, because they are so light and anatomically built for cycling. The SPRINT pant is about a half a pound lighter than our previous se pro bike pant, which is no longer in the line.
  • SPRINT also has an all-new race short; to match the jersey, lighter than previous Sprint short, but just as durable.
  • All new SPRINT gloves.
  • SPRINT is now available in youth sizes, so the Groms can rip it up like the big guys.
    • SPRINT PANTS: MSRP $125 ($99 YOUTH)

NEW ACE (Meant for XC racing, but Gwin swears he will race DH in them)

  • ACE has always been our XC category, but it has undergone some dramatic changes to be more focused on premium endurance and XC riding.
    • NEW ACE SHORT: the new ACE short is the lightest short we have ever made, it is more of an athletic performance fit, lower wasted than other shorts, more tapered and comes with a new redesigned padded liner short. If you want to go fast, feel like you have nothing on, and not wear a sausage suit while on the trail, this is the short for you.
    • NEW ACE JERSEY: ACE Jersey has always been our XC jersey, but it has also been redesigned for better fit, zip rear pockets, zipper front.
    • ACE is also seeing the addition of lycra bib short, arm warmers, knee warmers, base layer top, lightweight breathable windbreaker
      • ACE JERSEY: MSRP $68
      • ACE SHORTS W/Included liner short: MSRP $165
      • ACE BIB SHORT: MSRP $110
      • ACE ARM WARMER: MSRP $30
      • ACE GLOVES: MSRP $36


NEW RUCKUS (Curtis Keene, Nicolas Vouilloz, etc)

  • RUCKUS you could say has been our staple all mountain category apparel, when you need to be ready for more trail abuse than other pieces of kit. We have listened to our customers that wanted the current 2013 Ruckus short to be a bit more robust, but not klunky. So we added some more features, like a slick phone pocket that’s positioned in the right area, zip fly with snap enclosure flap, rear pocket too, strengthened the fabric in some key areas so it is ready to handle a big ride on a big bike.
  • RUCKUS Jersey has gotten a little more tailored while still being a classic loose fitting mountain bike jersey, fabric is softer than in the past and sits on your body better than ever.
    • RUCKUS SHORTS W/Included liner short: MSRP $135


  • Major overhaul in TLD protection, with 5 ALL NEW models.
    • TBONE-II: a long awaited revision of our first MTB specific knee guard. This will be very popular for the “E-word” riding, its rugged enough to take a digger on the trail, light enough to throw in your pack and adjustable enough to fit any sized leg with the adjustable straps.
    • SEMENUK: Long time TLD rider and 2x FMB World Tour Champion Brandon Semenuk has wanted us to make an aggressive pad for dirt jumping, shuttle runs and freeriding for years, we finally answered his requests and spent the last year developing this new pad. We started by putting a CE certified impact cup around a very subtle Semenuk themed (pics of his mustang, newspaper headlines, etc) abrasion resistant liner. Works great under pants as the guys have been racing and riding this guard with the new Sprint pants all winter and loving it.
    • METHOD: This is an all-new take on the 2-part knee guard system TLD has offered in the past. A polyester mesh knee gasket that can be worn by itself on an easy ride, but throw on the bomb proof plastic shield, made of honeycomb polyethylene plastic and is CE certified.
    • PANIC: Another completely new knee guard for 2014, this one is a 5-strap application and is a longer knee guard with great shin and knee protection, pre-curved guard for a fantastic fit, also CE certified.
    • E-LITE Elbow: Another completely new guard, this one is a ergonomically designed ultra thin slip on elbow guard, using a lycra sleeve with a co-polymer pad exterior that also has memory foam to protect your elbows in a crash, or grazing a tree.
      • TBONEII: MSRP $52
      • SEMENUK: MSRP $98
      • METHOD: MSRP $85
      • PANIC: MSRP $112
      • E-LITE: MSRP $35

WHEELS COLLECTION:Spawned from Troy Lee wanting to make something that you can wear a lot, doing the things most of us are doing-which is anything on wheels! This could be a quick cruise after work on the trail, commute to work without putting on a full kit, riding to the beach, riding to the pub, skateboarding to your buddies house, riding your scooter to a restaurant (no, not those scooters!). WHEELS is about living your life on wheels, whatever that might be. It is our first forray to an increasing line, starting with a technical tee, made to sweat in and use. There is also a lightweight casual short that can hold up under some abuse and a fvery eature rich hybrid jacket that has a multitude of uses.


HELMETS: D3, D2 and the new A1 helmet, available in new colors for 2014. Link to the new helmets article already posted please. 

  • D3 CARBON: MSRP $450
  • D3 COMPOSITE: MSRP $375 ($395 ZINK)
  • D2: MSRP $228 ($198 MIDNIGHT)
  • A1: MSRP $165
  • A1 DRONE: MSRP $139

SKYLINE: Is our multi purpose, most popular mountain bike jersey and short. Some new colors in these kits, from mild to wild, but also the addition of the SKYLINE RACE short, a bit more feature rich than standard skyline, main difference is the included padded liner short. You would have a hard time finding someone that didn’t dig the skyline kit.

  • SKYLINE RACE SHORT W/Included liner short: MSRP $98
    • AIR: MSRP $29
    • ZINK GLOVE: MSRP $36
    • XC GLOVE: MSRP $30
    • SE: MSRP $38
    • SE PRO: MSRP $32
    • GP: MSRP $34

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